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My recent work is a result of an empathy with the Ridgeway landscape of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire and seascape of the north Cornish coast and west Penwith peninsular, drawing on the primitive and sculptural qualities of these landscapes which are devoid of man-made objects although . My work begins with detail drawings and watercolour paintings on site. It is important that my work starts in the landscape from which it draws its strength and inspiration. I find I must leave the subject and work in the studio where the preoccupation with the materials and to a certain extent abstract concepts combine with the original stimulus of the land and sea, combining to produce the finished painting. These paintings are much concerned with the colour and sculptural quality of the land and sea together with an underlying sense of the primitive power of the natural order of things. Recently I have been working at the Rabley Print Studio exploring landscapes through print-making, mainly collagraphs.

Exhibitions include:

Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions

Royal West of England Academy Exhibitions

Bristol Guild Gallery - joint exhibition

Royal Beatrice Contemporary Arts

Manor Fine Arts - Cardiff

Norman Machin Gallery, Oxon

Rowley Contemporary Arts Gallery, Kensington

Victoria Art Gallery, Bath (Bath Society of Artists)

Reading Museum Art Gallery

Hexagon, Reading Exhibition

Solo exhibition Mary Ogilvie Gallery, St Anne’s College, Oxford

Wills Art Warehouse

Affordable Arts Fairs, Battersea and West 2001/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13

Maltby Fine Arts, Winchester

Over the Moon Galleries, Cornwall

Bristol Guild Gallery, Bristol Festival of Galleries

Longcroft Prize Bath Society of Artists open exhibition 2001

Laing Exhibition, Mall Galleries 2001

Works on Paper, Royal College of Art 2003

Chelsea Arts Fair 2004

Dulwich Art Fair 2004

Royal College of Art, Works on Paper 2005

Malvern Theatre 2005

Royal institute of Watercolour Painters, Mall galleries 2005

Chelsea Arts 2005

Rowley Contemporary Arts Gallery, Winchester, 2008

The Flint Gallery, Blakeney, Norfolk, 2009

The Steam Gallery, Beer, Devon, 2010 onwards

Wiltshire Magazine, Feature Article - "Power and Rhythm - The Atmospheric Landscapes of Amanda Ralfe" February/March 2011

The Jane Fuest Gallery 2011 onwards

The RWA, Open Exhibition 2012

The Black Swan Spring Exhibition 2013

Selected for the "Sketch2013" Travelling Exhibition 16 Sep 2013 through 22 April 2014

Home page / about me / diary / current work / archive 1 / feature article / links to other artists